Top 5 Fashion Trends in 2022 – What Will be Fashionable in 2022

Before we get into the trends or start talking about anything related to Fashion, I first want to acknowledge this. There might be a part of you like me wondering, “What is the point of all this?” Especially in times like these. I know Covid-19 has affected the Fashion Industry & the rest of the world in a way that it is hard to get back to normal.

For the past three years, we have been expecting the following year to be a different one, one that sucks a little less. Maybe 2022 might finally be the year where everything turns around. I am highly optimistic about this year, and this post is one of the ways I am showing it.

1. Oversized Everything (Baggy, Loose Clothing Trends):

Everything oversized doesn’t necessarily need to be in the plus-size realm – Just a clarification. When I mention Oversized everything, there are two ways you can take it. One is the oversized clothes dominating the wardrobes, and another aspect is the growing demand for Plus Size fashion. First, we will talk about Plus Size and then move on to the Baggy, Loose clothing trends.

Fashion has been trending toward larger sizes for a while now, but the oversized trend will only get bigger. Fashion designers have realized that making plus-sized clothes makes business sense. Plus-sized customers are increasingly vocal about demanding fashionable clothing that fits well and doesn’t come in a limited range of sizes. This will cause a significant shift in the Fashion industry where people will be less fixated on size and more focused on style.

2. The Comfort Zone:

The Fashion industry has gone through many changes in the past years. The Fashion trend used to be form-fitting clothing, and Fashionistas would go to any lengths for Fashion perfection. Remember the time when Fashion was all about tight-fitting clothes and all. Well, it looks like we are way past those to some extent, at least. With so many people staying at home, they have gotten used to being comfortable in everything, including their clothes.

Seeing this behavioral change in the consumers, Fashion is turning towards more relaxed and comfortable styles. For example, Fashion designers like Balenciaga and Prabal Gurung have been coming out with loose-fitting clothes that still manage to flatter your body shape beautifully! It isn’t just the celebrities who love this new Fashion movement either; customers everywhere are embracing their inner comfort zone by buying these clothes too!

3. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials:

Fashion designers are going eco-friendly! Fashion brands and designers have been conscious efforts to produce sustainable, organic materials. It’s one thing if you’re wearing recycled or compostable fabrics, but what if your clothes were grown on trees? Fashion designer Stella McCartney is doing just that with her 100% biodegradable dresses made from fabric woven from dissolved tree fibers.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world next to Oil – Thanks to the Fast Fashion trend going out of hand. Now that people are getting aware of the environmental impacts of fast fashion, they are moving towards a more sustainable and clean fashion.

4. The Power of Purple:

Purple is the color of royalty, and Fashion designers are using it to demand their rightful place on the Fashion throne! Famous Fashion houses, such as Gucci and Versace, have been embracing Purple in a big way. Whether that’s through clothes or accessories, Fashion designers can’t get enough of this regal shade. Fashion will be very ‘Purple’ in 2022! In 2022, Fashion brands will continue to embrace the power & prestige of Purple even more!

5. Puffy Sleeves, Bellbottoms & The Revival of 90s Trends:

Fashion is becoming more and more whimsical as Fashion designers focus on making their Fashion statements. The Fashion industry has been ‘whimsical’ for quite a while since Fashionista’s like to wear Fashion that is unique and doesn’t follow Fashion rules as such. But now, Fashion Designers are going all out with puffy sleeves & bellbottoms! We have seen bags, shoes, dresses, etc. With exaggerated puffed-up sleeves already, you can expect them to become even more prominent in 2022 for sure!

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