Things You Can Do Today to Live More Like a Minimalist

Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it. It is about focus, intentionality, and making the most of the one life we have been given.

It is also a growing movement around the world.

But there are many who still misinterpret the term. They think it is about barren walls, cold environments, or empty cupboards. But they are incorrect.

Minimalism isn’t about owning less than you need, it’s about owning exactly what you need.

Correctly applied, minimalism results in more money, more time, more focus, and less stress. It also results in a life of greater joy, greater meaning, and greater significance.

5 Things You Can Do Today to Live More Like a Minimalist

1. Remove one box of clutter from your home.

Minimalists own fewer possessions. As a result, their homes feel more peaceful, more calm, more spacious, and less stressful. You may not be able to declutter your entire home in one day (It took us nine months), but you can make a little bit of progress.

Try to remove one entire box of clutter from one room in your home. And then, notice the difference it makes.

2. Clear one surface.

Every physical possession in our field of vision results in visual clutter. Our eyes naturally gravitate to the things around us as we subconsciously scan our surroundings on a constant basis.

Find one surface in your home that you can clear entirely (a bathroom counter, a coffee table, a shelf, or a nightstand) and remove everything from it. Notice the clear surface. Now, imagine that feeling throughout your entire home.

3. Don’t buy anything and put $49 into savings.

The average American spends almost $18,000 a year on nonessentials. If you want to take one small step toward living more like a minimalist today, don’t buy a single nonessential item. Then, put that $49 into a savings account. Tomorrow, do the same thing. You’ll be surprised how quickly your savings account will fill up when you stop buying stuff you don’t need.

4. Go for a long walk.

Walking is good for the soul and the body. It provides opportunity to think and reflect on life. If you want to live more like a minimalist, go for a nice long walk today.

Notice how wonderful it feels to have some extra time in your day to breathe and relax. And while you walk, consider the direction of your life and if you’re living to your fullest potential. Would removing some distractions allow you to focus more on things that matter?

5. Turn off the notifications on your phone.

Minimalists work to remove distractions from their day—whether it be unnecessary possessions, unnecessary appointments, or unnecessary notifications like email or social media (or even texts).

For the rest of the day, turn off all notifications on your phone except for phone calls (even text messaging). See how it changes the feel of your entire day. Tomorrow morning, turn on just the notifications you actually missed.

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