What is Safer Gambling and How to Promote It

Many gamblers have seen Safer Gambling Standard at some online casinos and want to know more about it. This is a designed system to protect you and help you play online games and also gamble in the real-life better and avoid any issues. The standard in question is possible thanks to GamCare and you can see the logo of the brand at most UKGC casinos. But what is this? Let’s explain it.

Safer Gambling Standard Explained
The standard is developed by GamCare. Its goal of it is to make gambling safer and avoid any issues such as gambling addiction. GamCare has been providing tons of details and specifics and helpful facts to gamblers about how they can do this. But, the Safer Gambling Standard is their new addition. The casino will have to meet 73 criteria and also will be investigated in 10 areas in order to get the award level. This is basically how well they can promote the standard and 24Betting casino protect their customers.

The casino will be appropriately reviewed. The professionals will check out their offers, their ads, how well they can’t refuse minors to gamble and so much more. As stated above, the process is extremely complicated and it will last a couple of years. General reviews are checked as well. For some casinos, this is an extremely complicated and time-consuming process. Once the casino gets the award, it will display it on the official website and you can see the logo of the standard.

The Requirements
Casinos must meet strict and complicated requirements in order to get the award. One of them is to be licensed by the UKGC. As you can assume, this award is mostly focused on UK players and it is designed for this country. The process lasts 2 years and the experts will test the casino on a yearly basis. In the end, a casino will get the badge. It can be base, standard or advanced and there are several levels for each award. Another requirement is that the casino must offer the services to the public. This is obvious.

Why This Safer Gambling Standard Is So Beneficial For Both Parties?
For the lack of a better word, this standard is beneficial and important for casinos and gamblers. The first reason here is the fact GamCare wants to promote safer gambling. Gambling addiction is a huge issue and it affects millions all over the world. If it can be prevented, gambling will be better and more appealing to more people. It will also spare a lot of families from the problems associated with this addiction.

Secondly, we can see that gamblers prefer and live gambling at a casino that has the logo in the footer of the page. This is a huge advantage for all players. They want to play at casinos that are safe, reputable and care about gamblers period. Having this logo is more important than you may believe and you can see it at all the best UKGC casinos which can explain the things better.

One of the important elements here is for an online casino to promote GamStop, a self-exclusion system. The mission is that a gambler who is worried about developing an addiction creates an account and he will be excluded from online gambling at all casinos that support this platform. It is mandatory for all UKGC casinos and it has a huge effect on gambling and makes it safer. GamStop is one of the most effective platforms of this kind and the one most players will opt for. However, for players looking for alternatives, there are also NonGamStopBets.com online casinos that are not on GamStop, providing options out of the self-exclusion network. These non GamStop sites offer an alternative for players seeking to manage their gambling habits independently.

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